another drawing adapted by a great artist :) thanks nikos92

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Shah Rukh Khan is the 2nd richest actor on Earth — and Americans have no idea who he is

Khan’s fortune is valued at $600 million — second only in the acting world’s to Jerry Seinfeld’s $820 million. Thanks to a list published by the Singapore-based Wealth-X we now know exactly how the 10 richest actors in the world financially measure up. While the list highlights some disappointing truths about the entertainment industry, it is populated exclusively by men over 40, Khan’s nod spotlights a heartening truth about financial success in the industry: Contrary to popular American opinion, Hollywood is not the only means to achieving mega success in entertainment. 

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I honestly could not be more proud right now

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about this schmoney, let’s get it poppin


I can totally see me and my dude doing this!

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pizza is an acceptable meal at all times of the day

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Babe, let me run you a bath….

What yo man say when you come home from a long hard days work…

LOL He could do that and some other “chores” too *_^

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Martin Bauendahl

Real life vs Societal expectations


Yeah, news flash people, boobs generally only look “perky” while in a bra. A few are super lucky and have naturally perky boobs, most don’t. And this is because, SURPRISE, boobs are intended to feed babies and it’s hard for a baby being cradled in mum’s arm to reach a nipple that’s on the other side of the boob from where its mouth is.

Think of a soda fountain machine. The spouts are all pointing down, right? So you can put soda in a cup being held under the spout? If the spout was sticking straight out, it would be really hard to get a soda out of it.

Babies need to be able to reach a nipple easily so they can eat. Ergo, nipples are usually lower and angled more downward on a naturally hanging boob, both so it’s easier for a baby to reach and so gravity can do its part in pulling milk toward the nipple.
So there you go, outright ANATOMICAL proof that boobs are not there for the benefit of men.

Thank you for that. I never realized. Thanks.

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Some things that should be acceptable by now:

  • Girls having sleepovers with boys.
  • Female nipples showing.
  • Marriage equality and equality in general.
  • Doing what you want with your body.
  • Wearing what you want,
  • Kinder eggs in America.

For a second I thought you meant eggs should be nicer to people


Feeling like a bad betch today

OOTD Details are up on The In Between Girls blog

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